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Test grammaire - les temps du passé    

Choisissez le temps approprié pour compléter les phrases suivantes Pour la plupart des réponses, une seule réponse est possible; dans certains cas, deux sont à la limite acceptables, mais une des deux est beaucoup plus probable que l'autre, dans des circonstances normales.

1) The plane __________ at Los Angeles three hours late.
a) has arrived   b) was arriving.   c) did arrive   d) arrived.

2) I can't go on holiday until I  ___________ painting the living room.
a) have finished   b) was finishing     c) had finished    d) finished

3) I ________________  in Edinburgh since I was a little child.
a) lived    b) was living     c) have lived     d) did live

4) As soon as I saw the lady, I realised that we ____________ before, in Paris.
a) met   b) were meeting    c) have met     d) had met

5) After leaving Milan, we __________  on to Rome without stopping.
a) drove       b) were driving       c) have driven       d) had driven

6) He ran away with his girlfriend, while his wife ______________  in South America.
a) worked    b) was working      c) has worked    d)  had worked

7) Where can he be? I can only presume that he _____________  an accident somewhere.
a) had        b) was having        c) has had         d) did have

8)   He had been in the army for 5 years before he ________ promoted
a) got    b) was getting     c)  has got    d) had got

9) I _______ the shop after making sure that all the lights were off.
a) left    b) was leaving   c) have left    d) had left

10) Hello, it's good to see you again, but I'm afraid I __________  where we last met.
a) forgot      b) was forgetting   c) have forgotten   d) had forgotten

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