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Angleterre.org.uk  is a general travel and information portal about England, for French-speaking visitors and tourists.

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Other travel & tourism sites : We are happy partner with bona-fide travel sites, notably local UK tourism sites, on a reciprocal basis. Angleterre.org.uk only links to other travel sites that offer genuine original content and useful information: to be considered for a partnership with Angleterre.org.uk, sites need not have information in French (though this is always a good idea).

Your travel website in French : There is a remarkable lack of UK tourism sites with pages in languages other than in English. Googling in French for tourist information on the UK is very unproductive. Angleterre.org.uk can give exposure to UK tourism sites that provide information in French, and can offer a translation service for travel sites.
   With Visit Britain reporting an average bedspace occupancy rate for serviced accommodation in the UK peaking at just over 48% in 2009, there is clearly potential for massive expansion. Yet Europe is a massive source of potential visitors that will continue to be under-tapped so long as UK tourism operators carry on as if English were the only language on planet Earth - or that everyone speaks English.  Sorry folks, they don't ! And as any skilled international marketing executive knows, approaching potential customers in their own language is a far more productive strategy than doing so in a Engish, if those customers do not speak English.
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With Eurozone economies showing signs of revival, and Sterling not too heavily overvalued in cost-of-living terms compared to the euro, the UK can expect a continuing influx of holidaymakers, shoppers and language students; French-speaking travellers - from France, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg - will make up a sizeable proportion of the visitors from Continental Europe.

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